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05th Aug 2015

French paper hails Di Maria as the Second Coming

Nooruddean Choudry

They’re certainly getting excited about Angel Di Maria joining Ligue 1 over in France.

It seems a formality now that the Manchester United winger won’t be a Manchester United winger for very much longer, and that he’ll presently complete a move to Paris Saint-Germain.

The Argentine may have underwhelmed during his brief sojourn in Manchester, but there’s little doubting his abilities and they’re certainly not lost on the French media.

Although perhaps L’Equipe have gone a tad far in their praise. They have compared Di Maria with the Seconding Coming on the front page of their Wednesday edition…

The hyperbolic headline reads ‘Attendu Comme Le Messie’, which isn’t a typo referring to another famous Argentine, but instead translates to ‘Awaiting the Messiah’.

United fans would perhaps suggest that the player would be better compared to another Biblical character, namely Judas Iscariot – although Di Maria will be earning a little more than 30 pieces of silver.