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04th Jul 2018

The TV viewing figures for England vs Colombia were absolutely ridiculous

Wil Jones

It’s coming homing etc etc etc

So last night England beat Colombia on penalties in the last sixteen of the World Cup.

You are probably aware of this. You are probably aware of this, because you were watching in a pub full of rowdy people. Or at home, with your family/friends, going crazy. Or on your phone, at some social event you’d previously agreed to go to, and couldn’t get out of, but you weren’t going to miss the game, and you just rinsed all your data to watch it.

The reason we say this, is that the game had absolutely massive audience figures.

An incredible 23.8m people watch England, peaking (unsurprisingly) during the climatic penalty shoot-out. That was almost a 70 per cent audience share.

Ratings during England’s tie with Tunisia peaked at 18.3 million viewers. 14 million watched the Panama game, and 18.5 million tuned in for the mostly meaningless match with Belgium.

And in case you wondered what the other 30 per cent were watching…