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03rd Jun 2024

People think they’ve worked out who the mystery Premier League footballer was from charity game

Callum Boyle

Djed Spence

One player in particular got people talking

A charity football match between the Beta Squad and AMP (Any Means Possible) has got people trying to work out the identity of one of the players.

The two teams went head-to-head with each other at Selhurst Park in front of a sell-out crowd. The two teams included YouTubers and social media stars to raise money for the Water Project.

 Kai Cenat, British YouTubers WillNe, Angry Ginge and American star Sketch were among those to play for AMP while Beta Squad contained Niko Omilana, Chunkz, AJ Shabeel, Sharky and King Kenny TV.

Despite all the big names there was one player featuring for AMP who caught the eye of most watching as rumours began to suggest that there was a Premier League player being involved.

Masked during his appearance, Beta Squad’s Sharky said: “This player will be wearing a mask and the reason is because this player has played in the Premier League and is playing current professional football – Champions League level. So we can’t reveal his identity.”

Fans think they know who mystery man is

Everyone began to make guesses online but the one name that kept appearing was Tottenham full back Djed Spence.

One person wrote: “The mystery player at the beta squad vs Amp match is definitely Djed Spence.

“The mystery player in Beta Squad vs AMP is Djed Spence,” suggested a second.

A third commented: “The mystery player might be Djed Spence…”

Another added: “Djed Spence playing in a YouTuber match.”

Unfortunately for those watching the game had to be abandoned at stoppage time, with the game level at 6-6, due to a pitch invasion. A rematch has reportedly been scheduled to take place in the United States.

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