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31st May 2024

Aston Villa change their club crest again and everyone is saying the same thing

Charlie Herbert

aston villa club crest

It’s another new crest for the Villa

Aston Villa have unveiled their new club crest, and if it feels like you heard something very similar to that not too long ago, then you’re not alone.

On Friday morning, the West Midlands club revealed their new crest in a snazzy video on social media, which featured details about the logo, font, and some other variations of the crest.

Some of you may be thinking you’ve heard this before, and you’d be right – sort of.

It was only in summer that Villa announced they would be redesigning the club crest, and following a vote from fans, they unveiled a new round badge design which would feature on their kits for the 2022/23 season.

However, during last season it became obvious that the crest wasn’t going to be sticking around as the branding around the rest of the club and Villa Park remained unchanged.

A club statement then confirmed that a new badge was being designed for the 2023/24 season ahead of Villa’s 150th anniversary, and this was officially unveiled today.

Reacting to the news on social media, plenty of fans were surprised Villa had launched yet another crest.

One person wrote: “Swear they’ve only just changed the crest? Rebrands are expensive.”

Making reference to a tagline used in the video, another joked: “‘Uncomplicated Consistency’ whilst announcing the 3rd badge in as many years wasn’t the marketing departments brightest tagline was it.”

Someone else commented: “Didn’t they change their badge to the circular one only last year?”

“Do they just change the badge every season now or something,” a fourth penned.

Aston Villa had a round badge on their kits last season (Getty)

After an initially frosty reaction to the badge when it was leaked a few months ago, it seems that most Villa fans had warmed to the design and were impressed by the announcement.

One person wrote: “Absolutely love it. Fresh branding unique to us with a nod to our history!”

A second commented: “Nice video. Liking the new brand typeface, all there really. The drop shadow on the solid yellow lion crest needs a rethink, other than that it’s a decent rebrand.”

A third penned: “That’s a pretty impressive overall identity. Really like how they’ve layered in previous versions of the badge into the latest design, used it shield as a framing device and then taken elements & applied them across the wider visual communications.”

Meanwhile, others reckoned the timing of the unveiling was a sign that the new kit would be announced imminently.

Villa have signed a contract with Adidas to the be their new kit manufacturer, with the deal starting from June 1.

After the issues the club had with their kits in the season just gone, Villa fans will be hoping for better from Adidas as they make their return to the Champions League.

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