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23rd Sep 2022

Mathias Pogba sends open letter to Paul over extortion allegations

Callum Boyle

Mathias Pogba

‘You wanted to crush my honour and my spirit’

Mathias Pogba has sent an open letter to his brother Paul on Twitter alongside 30 separate videos detailing allegations of witchcraft, which were posted while Mathias currently remains in provisional detention.

The 32-year-old has been charged and detained with an alleged plot to extort money from the World Cup winner.

Four others have also been placed under formal investigation for extortion and criminal association after Paul had told police that the gang had been threatening him since March, 2022 and had demanded £11m from him.

Paul is currently under police protection in Turin, Italy while his older brother remains in provisional detention, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing a series of new allegations via a bot on Twitter.

Among those include describing his brother as a “great manipulator” and reaffirmed that the Juventus midfielder had ‘met a sorcerer’ in response to allegations of witchcraft.

“This individual, my brother, has become a follower of witchcraft in recent years, becoming a follower of a sorcerer,” Mathias said.

In addition to the extensive number of videos released, Mathias also penned a three-page open letter to his brother. The full letter can be read here.

It started by saying: “A message to my little brother.

“As expected I am where you wanted me to be, Paul. When you got Adrien arrested by lying, I already knew that you wanted to get me arrested and that it would happen.

“You wanted to crush my honour and my spirit, do you really think I was going to accept it? Is honour not sacred?”

Mathias continued by accusing Paul of changing the figures of the amount of money he had stolen by the gang and warned him that while he is away, “injustice and ingratitude in the long run and the Final day [judgement] is arriving.”