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02nd Nov 2023

Man United players receive bizarre offer from adult website after Newcastle defeat

Callum Boyle

Man United

Things are really going that badly

Manchester United have been offered a bizarre proposition as their misfortunes continue.

United are struggling this season and fell to their eighth defeat of the campaign after losing 3-0 to Newcastle United in the Carabao Cup third round.

Among the varying issues on the pitch, players have also complained about the quality of their match day kits.

Andre Onana is currently wearing a replica of the home kit after complaining that his shirt was too tight while many of the players have also highlighted the tightness of their socks.

In wake of the complaints, adult website My.Club have stepped forward to offer United’s players 500 pairs of “cushioned and breathable” socks.

Mike Ford, Vice President of My.Club, said: “Manchester United have had a pitiful start to their campaign and the last thing they need to deal with are complaints that their kits are too tight.

“We here at My.Club know a thing or two about the importance of having comfortable socks. Our socks are cushioned and breathable. After all, it’s important that fashion and function go hand in hand. Send us an address via Twitter (@mydotclub) and they will be delivered ASAP.”

My.Club have made several attempts to break into the footballing market of late having made offers to sponsor the shirts of nter Milan and Chelsea, by offering £80m and £40m, only to have both bids knocked back.

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