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01st Oct 2016

Does Fernando Santos’ Euro 2016 success excuse this awful video-bomb dance?

Cringe factor: max

Rob Burnett

Here’s the thing: when you’ve won the European Championship, you can probably do whatever you want.

But the question is, does that give Fernando Santos a free pass for this abomination?

The 61-year-old took over the Portugal national side after the World Cup in 2014, and won major silverware at his first attempt when – despite Cristiano Ronaldo limping off in the final – his side stunned hosts France in the Euro 2016 final in Paris.

Their 1-0 win earned Portugal their first ever major tournament victory – and no doubt went some way to making up for losing that Euro 2004 final to Greece on home soil.

So Fernando is golden. He’s set. He’ll never have to buy another drink in any Portuguese bar. He’s a national hero. But does that excuse this?

Now, we don’t know if Fernando has children (because, to be frank, it’s the weekend and we have better things to do than actually check), but if he does, they will have been cringing like nobody’s business when they saw this clip.

And ask yourself this: what if Roy Hodgson had pulled this? Or Gareth Southgate? Or *shudders* Big Sam?


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