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10th Oct 2015

Did a press-conference slip reveal that Klopp has been in talks with Liverpool for weeks?


Jurgen Klopp was his usual charismatic self as he fielded questions in his first press conference as Liverpool boss.

The German described himself as the “Normal One” and claimed that he expected his Liverpool side to win a league title within four years – but did he also inadvertently reveal something else?

A report in the Mirror points out that Klopp also said that he’d watched Liverpool’s last three games – against Everton, Sion and Aston Villa.


“Three until now — but ask me on Sunday and I will have seen 20,” the former Borussia Dortmund manager responded when asked about the number of Liverpool matches he’s watched this season.”

“It is three until now, the last three. The other games I have only seen the goals. For 90 minutes, I have seen Everton, Sion and Aston Villa.”

Could it be that the Liverpool hierarchy approached Klopp weeks ago with a view to taking over from Brendan Rodgers?