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29th Jun 2018

Big Narstie undergoes pressure test as he tries to land plane

Wayne Farry

Brought to you by 888sport

It’s getting to crunch time

When 888sport challenged Big Narstie to go from Rapper to Reporter ahead of this summer’s events in Russia, little did we know exactly what he would embark upon.

From traditional Russian folk music and learning the finer points of interviewing from Lynsey Hipgrave, Narstie has embraced Russian culture and interviewed some of the most famous faces in English football history.

As we get to the business end of his challenge, Narstie meets presenter Olivia Wayne to discuss the pressures of live sports presenting.

Discussing pressure is one thing though, you cannot truly experience pressure until you’ve felt your hands shake, your forehead sweat and your life flash before your eyes.

As such, what better way to prepare Narstie for the pressure of commentary than by putting him in a pilot’s seat and letting him simulate flying and landing a plane?

Will this challenge help Narstie in his quest? There’s only one way to find out.


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