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09th Jul 2018

Big Narstie puts his new skills to the test in commentating debut

Wayne Farry

Brought to you by 888sport

What a journey it has been

Big Narstie’s epic adventure to go from Rapper To Reporter has been, well, epic. When 888sport challenged the rapper to becoming a genuine, bonafide reporter few of us could have imagined just how magical it would be.

Throughout his journey he has sat down to have what can best be described as a punditry masterclass by the legendary Barry Davies, before learning about Russian music and culture with traditional band Russian Tornado.

Next were language classes, where the MC learned how to say some specific and key phrases in the Russian tongue, before learning about the art of the interview with broadcaster Lynsey Hipgrave.

Then came the time to test out his ability to deal with pressure with the help of Olivia Wayne, and the penultimate challenge of meeting the fans alongside Sophie Rose.

This is all well and good, but it’s not quite the real deal. It’s not the second-by-second thrill of keeping up to date with every single occurrence on the pitch. So, naturally, Narstie had to get down to brass tacks and commentate on a real live football match.

Using every single skill he has picked up during his previous challenges, Narstie takes to the airwaves of a radio station to commentate on England vs Colombia.

What follows is a masterclass of commentary which unfortunately also involves Narstie being trapped in a lift. Either way, it’s a job well done and proof that, if you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything.


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