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28th Jul 2018

Big Narstie stars in ‘Grime and Prejudice’ sketch on his Channel 4 comedy show

Big Narstie's online fame has earned him a sketch show on Channel 4

Reuben Pinder

Big Narstie is everywhere these days

The Grime MC and all round hilarious guy is as well known for being an online and TV personality as he is for his involvement in the Grime scene, these days.

His unique sense of humour and his way with words have turned him into a sensation, and his latest venture is a comedy show on Channel 4, named ‘The Big Narstie Show’. Original, I know.

A sketch from last night’s show that caught a lot of traction online was the ‘Grime and Prejudice’ sketch, which also featured Amelia Dimoldenberg, famous for her chicken shop dates with rappers from the UK.

The sketch, based on the Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice, went down a storm with viewers as the script incorporated famous Grime lyrics from songs such as ‘Too Many Men’ and ‘Ps & Qs’.

In the show, Big Narstie also chats with guests who have included Ed Sheeran, David Haye, David Schwimmer and Krept & Konan. So, yeah. Quite the mix.