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01st Mar 2024

GIANT cans and balloon shows: here’s how Pepsi revealed its new look worldwide

Callum Boyle


Pepsi is about to step into a brand new era

For the first time in 14 years one of the biggest global brands, Pepsi, is about to step into a brand new era with a major global redesign.

Featuring the iconic colours of red, black and blue, the refreshed Pepsi globe logo sees an updated colour palette of electric blue and black, bringing a contemporary edge to the classic Pepsi colour scheme while the signature Pepsi pulse evokes the “ripple, pop and fizz” of Pepsi-Cola.

Eric Melis, VP, Global Brand Marketing, Carbonated Soft Drinks at PepsiCo, said: “We wanted to show how Pepsi, through this visual identity change, brings to life its brand platform.

“People worldwide were asked to draw the Pepsi logo as part of the design process and the majority included the Pepsi name as part of our globe – remarkable given that the name and the globe have been separated for the past fourteen years. When we reviewed our new look, we responded to that deep love of our history and tapped into that nostalgia with a firmly modern twist.”

In over 120 countries across the world, Pepsi launched its new look above some of the globe’s most famous landmarks.

In London, a Pepsi digital installation appeared beside The O2 arena in the east of the city, appropriate to the brand’s long and storied support of international music acts.

The view from the nearby cable cars saw an inflatable Pepsi can rise from the water, shortly followed by a light show of drones forming a pulsating dynamic composition in the sky.

Elsewhere, the capitals of Poland (Warsaw) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) were treated to an incredible hot air assembly, formed into the shape of the new Pepsi logo.

The capital of Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) were treated to an incredible hot air assembly

Other areas including Saudi Arabia and Egypt were treated to immersive shows with cutting-edge technology. Cricket fans at the Gaddafi Cricket Stadium in Pakistan even saw a giant Pepsi can land mid-game.

Pepsi will be celebrating its refreshing new look at future events in 2024 including the UEFA Champions League Final Kick Off Show ahead of the tournament’s final, which will be held at Wembley Stadium in London as they prepare to make people “Thirsty for More”.

“Thirsty for More” is a key identity of the Pepsi ideology in which they encourage people to challenge the common assumption for the pursuit of enjoyment, as well as celebrating people’s thirst for the unexpected and eagerness to discover, experience and do more.

Entering its new era, Pepsi will also continue to work with their ambassadors, including: Baby Monster (Asia–Pacific), Uraz Kaygilaroglu (Turkey), G.E.M., Dylan Wang and Leo Wu (China) as they champion those people who love to step out of their comfort zone.

For more information, visit @pepsiglobal