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09th Oct 2021

Woman catches home run ball in prosthetic leg during amazing baseball game moment

Simon Bland

Shannon Frendreis

Plus, she was five beers deep at the time

A woman in Chicago recently went TikTok-viral after posting a video of the pretty epic moment where she caught a home run ball inside her prosthetic leg during a White Sox game.

27-year-old Shannon Frendreis – who goes by the name @shannonnkay on the viral video platform – uploaded footage of this once-in-a-lifetime catch in early October and it’s since been viewed over three million times.

The short-but-sweet clip shows Frendreis at a White Sox game with her friends. When she sees a home run ball flying towards her, she simply removes her prosthetic leg and – without missing a beat – effortlessly catches it inside her artificial limb.

Cue the crowd going nuts.

Oh and did we mention that she’d already drank five beers by this point? Because she had. What a hero. Check out the video below:

@shannonnkayFive beers in, and taking my leg off to catch a ball seemed like a great idea #fypシ #mlb #chicago #barstoolsports #amputeelife @barstoolsports♬ original sound – Shannon Frendreis

“Five beers in, and taking my leg off to catch a ball seemed like a great idea,” said Frendreis, captioning the video that has since racked up over 467,000 likes and over 2,000 comments.

Online viewers were just as impressed as those who were in the stadium and witnessed the event live – with many heading straight to the comments section to send praise in Frendreis’s direction.

“How did that not make ESPN’s highlight reel?” rightly pondered one viewer.

“I’ve heard getting the upper hand but never getting the upper leg,” quipped another.

This isn’t the first time someone under the influence at a sporting event has managed to achieve an almost super-human-like feat. Remember that time a dad dropped his baby before catching it and an errand ball – all without spilling his beer? Impressive stuff.

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