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21st Feb 2024

Machine Gun Kelly’s new half body tattoo sparks internet backlash

Joseph Loftus

‘For spiritual purposes only’

Machine Gun Kelly has been under the tattooist’s gun more times than he can probably remember but his latest inking has baffled a lot of fans.

After taking to Instagram yesterday (February 20), MGK shown off his new tatt which is, essentially, the top of half of his body coated in black ink leaving what appears to be a crucifix across his chest.

The 33-year-old captioned the picture: “For spiritual purposes only. thank you 🖋️ @roxx_____.”

According to MGK’s tattoo artist, Roxx, his decision to undergo this ink filled transformation was a personal one.

Roxx said that MGK had a “spiritual consultation” and explained to her that his current tatts were too chaotic for him and that he wanted to take order in his life (makes sense to get your top half coloured in then…).

Many speculated on how painful a tattoo of this size would be, with TMZ reporting that Roxx said MGK was the toughest client she’d had in 30 years.

Naturally the comments were a mixed bag with one person writing: “Stupidest f***ing thing I’ve ever seen.”

Another wrote: “Why does it look like a crop top?”

A third commented: “Bro looks like the Adidas logo.”

Another added: “Bro sat in the tattoo chair for 763 hours.”

Even Joe Exotic commented on the post writing: “A tiger and a bit of meth and you would be mine. Lol.”

What’s your take?

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