Dad drops baby, catches ball and baby without spilling his beer 10 months ago

Dad drops baby, catches ball and baby without spilling his beer

Baseball. Beer. Children. In that order

A dad showed some immense skill/questionable parenting (depending on your perspective) at a Major League Baseball (MLB) game this weekend as he managed to catch a ball and his baby all in one instinctive move - all without spilling his beer. Levels.


The man in question was attending the ball game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Francisco Giants when a hitter dinged a ball into the crowd - catching said ball being a right of passage in the world of baseball, of course. However, this particular father was holding a living child when he decided to take on the challenge...


Priorities. Only spilt a couple of drops though, fair play. This guys caption says it all really: he encapsulated every thought we had when we first watched it.

We have to say, difficult though this may be when it comes to explaining this to the child's mother, it is quite some feat of agility and reflex - not to mention being utterly hilarious. Imagine when that kid grows up and their dad shows them their favourite home videos, one of which includes your dad literally valuing baseball and beer over your wellbeing.

We're only half-joking of course: this unidentified Ninja Warrior champion clearly knew he had the tekkers to pull of this incredible three in one catch, or at least had enough liquid courage to attempt it, so we can only really applaud him, to be honest.

In the famous Gareth Bale format: Baseball. Beer. Children. In that order.