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21st Mar 2024

Café hits back after customer’s one star review over £9 cost for extra toast

Jack Peat

‘You didn’t ask for it, you demanded it’

A cafe has hit back after a customer complained that they were charged £9 for extra toast.

The visitor who had been to The Shambles Cafe in Lytham, St Annes, left a shocking one star review on Google AND TripAdvisor criticising the caf’s prices and customer service writing that the “nice little place” was ruined by their visit.

The woman claims she was charged £9 for four “TINY thin slithers of rock hard bread” that came with their soup and describes the owner as “just rude”.

In full the woman wrote: “What a shame about this little restaurant, a nice little place utterly spoiled by terrible customer service and over priced. We ordered two soups and asked for an extra roll with each, we obviously expected to pay for the extra rolls, were disappointed that the soups came with two very small thin toasted slices of sourdough not soft rolls but hey ho.

“What we didn’t expect was to be charged £9 for the extra bread. £9 for four TINY thin slithers of rock hard bread. I spoke to the owner who was just so rude asking why I expect food for free, he wouldn’t listen when I tried to explain I expected to pay for it but that the price was extortion! He told me he doesn’t care and for me to put a bad review on here, so here it is.”

But then the owner hit back!

Responding to the critic, the owners of The Shambles claimed that the customer was “very happy” in their cafe and had been given a menu explaining the extra costs for toasted sourdough bread.

They added that the customer rang and “demanded” a refund saying: “You didn’t ask for it, you demanded it. You also threatened us that if you don’t get the refund then you will give us bad review.”

More specifically, the owners wrote: “You seemed very happy yesterday when I served you and checked on you twice! You had menu in your hand that says the soup is served with toasted sourdough bread. It also shows that we charge for extra bread (in our breakfast section). There is also menu outside our restaurant.

“Therefore if you are not happy with the prices then please don’t come in. In regards to this morning’s phone call- you demanded a refund. You didn’t ask for it, you demanded it. You also threatened us that if you don’t get the refund then you will give us bad review.

“Hope you have a wonderful day and you feel better now! Kind Regards.”

Shots fired.

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Featured image credit: Jonathunder