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12th Feb 2024

Man takes off $1 from fiancee’s Valentine’s Day gift every time she shouts at him


Genius or manipulative?

A man has admitted that he deducts $1 from his fiancée’s Valentine’s Day gift fund for every day she shouts at him.

TikToker Isaac Ramirez, who goes by @iisaac.ramirezz on the app, opened up Pandora’s Box of drama after revealing his unique approach to settling arguments. Essentially, every time his fiancée, Carolina Fernandez, shouts at him, he takes money away from her gift fund.

The Santa Paula resident claims to have originally added $360 into the fund – but his missus cut $320 off the budget by shouting at him. That leaves $40 for her gift.

“Last year I put $360 (£265.37) away for my fiancée’s Valentine’s Day gift, but I took away $1 every day she yelled at me,” he wrote in the now-private video.

The video continues to show that every dollar leaving the Valentine’s fund makes its way to another envelope labelled “Treat yourself, king.”

“Now her gift limit is $40 (£29.49) and I saved myself $320 (£235.88),” he continued, with the caption reading, “Now all she’s getting is flowers and chocolates.”

Unsurprisingly, most men are unified in their support, with one writing: “It’s time to find a new girl if she’s yelling at you 320 days of the year dawg.”

“Save $360 (£265.37) instead by breaking up,” another added.

However others have taken issue with the approach and slammed Ramirez for his “manipulative behaviour.”

One scathed: “Some men don’t deserve women.

“I hope she finds someone that gives her more than doing petty things to take away from the relationship.”

Another added: “Like you don’t give her reasons to yell?”

“Why are you still together?” someone else questioned, to which Isaac replied: “Toxic couples are stronger than regular couples.”

“All I’m getting is red flags from both of you,” wrote another.

While TikTok is seemingly divided on the issue, with both sides furiously defending their position, they can agree on one thing. Many feel that if she does shout that much and he feels the need to publicly punish her, should they really be together at all?

But in an updated video posted after Valentine’s, Ramirez revealed that his girlfriend bought him a Macbook and black plates for his PS5. “Now I feel bad,” he wrote on the video, adding that he only purchased her Ariana Grande perfume.

And in an updare issued via Ramirez’s Instagram later that year, he revealed that the pair are now married.

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