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28th Aug 2022

Tattoo artist shows of freckle inkings she did for happy customer who travelled 900 miles for appointment

Kieran Galpin

Once healed, they look pretty good!

A tattoo artist in Australia has gone viral after sharing a video of her tattooing freckles onto a customer’s face, adding that she’s “obsessed with how these freckles came out.”

Michaela travelled over 900 miles for her tattoo appointment with the Brisbane-based artist Daisy Lovesick who revealed the tattoo to her 470k TikTok followers.

“OBSESSED with these freckle tattoos,” she wrote in the caption.

She explained the process: “I always map my freckles with my clients sitting up and I have them go and look in the mirror to check that they’re happy before we get started.

@daisylovesick OBSESSED with these freckle tattoos ✨ #freckletattoo #facetattoo #cosmetictattooartist #tattooartist ♬ Timelapse – Michael Logozar

”I get my clients to smile, make faces, talk, watch themselves in the mirror and make sure everything is lining up with their vision.”

Following the tattoo, Michaela’s face is visibly swollen and looks incredible sore, though this is expected with any tattoos, let alone one on your face.

Still, the ink is pretty cool.

“A lot of the times the freckles are gonna look like this right after they’re done,” Lovesick said. “My clients are fully prepared that this is what they’re going to walk out of the studio looking like.”

She added: ”I am so absolutely obsessed with how these freckles came out. I am so, so happy, I especially love all those gorgeous one across the nose.”

@daisylovesick A full day of freckle tattoos ✨ #freckletattoo #cosmetictattooartist #facetattoo #freckletattoos ♬ Timelapse – Michael Logozar

The tattoo sparked mixed reactions in the comments, with one person writing: “Why are the comments so confused? Looks rad.”

Another said: “Thank you, my daughter gets teased at school for her freckles, showing her that others want them is everything to her ATM.”

Others said the small holes made them think of trypophobia, the fear of tiny small clusters of holes.

Ultimately, Michaela is satisfied with the result.

“ITS MEEE hahaha I am so in love with these thank you so so so much,” she wrote.

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