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15th Jul 2018

Donald Trump claims “many, many protests” in the UK “were in my favour” as visit comes to end

James Dawson

“Some of them are protesting in my favour, you know that?”

Donald Trump’s four-day “working visit” to the UK has come to an end after more than 250,000 people were estimated to march in cities across the country and that blimp was hoisted high into the sky.

However, it turns out that the president himself – who previously claimed protests in the capital made him feel “unwelcome” there – thinks the idea those who took to the streets had some sort of problem with him is actually fake news.

During an interview published today with gammon-in-chief Piers Morgan, the POTUS claimed “many, many” of the demonstrations were actually supportive of his cause. “Some of them are protesting in my favour, you know that? There are many, many protests in my favour.’” Donald Trump told him during an interview for the Daily Mail.

Although a few people did take part in pro-Trump demonstrations – including the largest “Welcome Trump” and “Free Tommy Robinson” events in London on Saturday – around 2000 people are estimated to have taken part, which dwindles in comparison to the tens of thousands who united to give the president the middle-finger.

Trump left Scotland on Air Force One for Preswick Airport earlier today and he is due to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday.

Trump’s journey to Scotland over the weekend was part of the “private” leg of his four-day “working visit” to the UK and followed his meeting with Theresa May and the Queen on Friday.

Much like in London, he was greeted by widespread protest north of the border, with the 20-foot “angry baby blimp” depicting the US president being launched into the air over The Meadows, Edinburgh following a protest in the city.