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11th Jun 2024

Police reveal Michael Mosley likely died of ‘heat exhaustion’ during walk

Charlie Herbert

Temperatures were around 40C at the time of his disappearance

Police have revealed that Michael Mosley is thought to have died from heat exhaustion after ‘sitting down and losing consciousness’ during a walk on a Greek island.

On Sunday, the TV doctor’s body was found on the island of Symi at the resort of Aglia Marina, on rocky terrain close to a beach bar.

This brought a five-day search for Mosley to an end after he had gone for a walk on June 5 but hadn’t returned.

The initial post-mortem of the 67-year-old showed that there was no third party involvement and no ‘criminal’ element involved.

Whilst an official cause of death has not yet been established, it is thought that Dr Mosley was overcome by exhaustion during his walk, and had lost consciousness after sitting down, the Daily Mail reports.

The father-of-four took a wrong turn down a mountain path during his walk, when temperatures had been close to 40C.

Dimos Kotsidaras, police commander for Symi, said: “It looks like cause of death was heat exhaustion after walking in high temperatures from St Nicholas to Agia Marina.”

Dr Mosley went missing on Wednesday June 5 when he didn’t return from a walk.

He set off at 1:30pm local time from Saint Nikolas Beach after the group he was with had decided to take a boat out for a swim.

One local claimed he had seen the 67-year-old in the Pedi area, a small beachside town about 1.2km from the beach he’d been at on Symi.

CCTV footage caught Mosley walking past a restaurant wearing a cap, shorts and polo shirt and his hand was an umbrella which, according to The Mirror, proved pivotal in the search to find him.

His body was found by a fence just 260 feet from a beach bar, according to the Mail.

Police determined  Dr Mosley’s time of death to be around 4pm on June 5, less than three hours after he was last seen.

In a statement on Sunday, his wife Clare paid tribute her “wonderful, funny, kind and brilliant husband.”

She said he was an “adventurous man, it’s part of what made him so special,” adding that she was “grateful to the extraordinary people on Symi who have worked tirelessly to help find him.”

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