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10th Jan 2023

Police officers sacked after having sex with each other while on duty

Charlie Herbert

One of the officers is said to have performed oral sex on her colleague whilst he was on duty

A group of police officers have been sacked over allegations of sexual misconduct.

Five cops from La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee have been relieved of their duties after they were accused of having sex on duty and sending explicit images to one another.

The main offender was officer Maegan Hall, who is said to have had affairs with a number of her colleagues including sergeant Lewis Powell, officer Larry Holladay, officer Juan Lugo, sergeant Ty McGowan, and detective Seneca Shields.

In a report following an internal investigation by the police department, it states that Hall also had a three-way with officer Patrick Magliocco and his wife, claims she denies.

The cops’ sexual encounters are said to have taken place at hotels and people’s homes. But the investigations claims that Hall also performed oral sex on sergeant Powell and detective Shields while on duty.

Officer Maegan Hall was at the centre of the scandal and was found to have had a number of affairs with her colleagues and sent explicit images to them (La Vergne Police Department)

It says: “Shields confirmed that Hall had given him a blowjob in the Police Gym behind the Police Station.

“Shields told [director of Human Resources Andrew] Patton that he was on duty at the time of the incident and he went back to his desk when finished to end his day.”

During a separate incident, it’s claimed that Hall allegedly had vodka “poured down her throat” by Magliocco at a “hot tub party” on sergeant Eric Staats’ boat.

“Magliocco said that Staats, himself, [Lieutenant David] Durham and Hall were in the hot tub when Hall’s top came off revealing her breast. Magliocco said that Staats helped Hall put her top back on,” the report says.

Lewis Powell, pictured, is one of two men Hall performed oral sex on while on duty (La Vergne Police Department)

Hall and Magliocco then went to the toilet together, where she asked him if he “wanted to f**k”, before giving him oral sex when they left the boat.

Hall is also said to have sent a numerous pornographic images to her colleagues, with male officers responding by sending “explicit images” back to her.

Officer Hall initially denied this, but later admitted to “sending nude images to other officers on shift including Holladay, Magliocco, and officer Schoeberl.”

As a result, K-9 officer Holladay and patrol officer Gavin Schoeberl were suspended and charged with sexual harassment.

Officer Magliocco, who reported that he had concerns over Hall’s drinking and her mental health, was also suspended.

Both Durham and Staats were both mentioned in the report but denied having any kind of inappropriate relationship with Hall.

Hall sent explicit images to officer Larry Holladay, who was suspended and charged with sexual harassment (La Vergne Police Department)

The investigation also found that both Hall and McGowan had allegedly met up before she began working on the force. It states that she and her husband went round to McGowan’s home with another woman.

The report states that both Hall and the other woman then proceeded to take their clothes off.

It says: “Hall’s husband got upset. During that visit, McGowan admitted to taking out his penis with Hall in the room and taking a photo of it. He sent that photo to Hall.”

A fellow employee also claims that they saw McGowan choking another colleague.

She also later admitted to having sexual relations with Magliocco, Lugo, Powell and McGowan.

Hall, Powell, and Lugo, as well as sergeant McGowan and detective Seneca Shields were sacked following the revelations.

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