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24th Dec 2022

Organic Christmas turkey costs more than flight to Istanbul

Steve Hopkins

It must have been expensive to feed it

Shoppers were astonished when they spotted a turkey for sale in Morrisons for £136 – more expensive than a flight to the country.

The organic bronze British bird – big enough to feed eight to 12 people – was in the supermarket’s ‘Best’ range.

The label said it had been “free to forage in open pastures” and was “naturally slower growing for a fuller flavour and succulent texture”.

The 6.83kg main course was the most expensive turkey on sale at Morrisons in Sheldon, Birmingham, on Wednesday, a shopper said.

The shopper who spotted it, and who has not been named, said there was also one for sale for around £116.

The £136.60p price tag was more expensive than a flight from Birmingham to Turkey, coming in at £104 on December 29.

The shopper said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw the price tag.

“I know food prices have rocketed, but that seems like an awful lot to pay for a turkey.”

Shoppers earlier this week were surprised by the cost of the same product at a Morrisons in Tavistock, Devon.

Morrisons reportedly originally said the £140.60 price tag sticker was a mistake – but then said it wasn’t.

A spokesperson said: “This turkey is the most premium organic product available in our offering and the price of £20 a kilo is in line with the market price.

“A similar sized turkey, Morrisons British large whole turkey, is available to buy for £4.99 per kg, costing around £31.44.”

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