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21st Dec 2023

Outrage over dad’s method for making sure kids behave during Christmas

Charlie Herbert


Parents have their own methods and theories for keeping their kids well behaved. The tried-and-tested method – especially at this time of year – is saying that Santa won’t be delivering any presents if you’re badly behaved.

However one dad has decided to go quite a few steps further.

His method to keeping his kids in line has gone viral after he shared it on TikTok – and the video has caused quite the stir as people debate whether it’s a step too far.

The brief clip shows stacks of so called ‘presents’ around a roaring fire, and has been viewed more than 21 million times.

The dad explains: “Christmas is coming, and here is a sure fire way to ensure your little darlings behaving proper.”

The captions on the video said: “With Christmas approaching, here is a top tip for parents.

“Wrap up some empty boxes and pretend they have presents. Then each time one of those little f**kers misbehaves, chuck one on to the fire.”

@bennyg7070 Christmas is coming, and here is a sure fire way to ensure your little darlings behaving proper. #christmas #hack #lifehack #fire #children ♬ original sound – Bennyg7070 ???

Cue intense debate in the comments about childhood trauma.

One raged: “How to cause trauma to children.”

Another wrote: “If you need to do this to get your kids to behave, then the issue is not with the kids.”

A third added: “Ah yes, let’s start the childhood trauma early and make them hate Christmas.”

However many found it quite funny, with one viewer commenting: “This is hilarious.”

Another wrote: “My dad did this, we started to behave after this.”

It’s likely that this is in fact a joke – and we’d be very surprised if he was actually employing this technique – but there are probably some out there who reckon it’s a good idea.

Just be careful you don’t go burning actual presents. You won’t be laughing if  you chuck a new iPhone or PlayStation 5 on the fire.

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