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24th Dec 2023

Met Office confirm White Christmas is on the cards

Callum Boyle

Met Office forecast

Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow

The Met Office has confirmed that some parts of the UK could have up to four inches of snow on Christmas Day.

Most of the country is forecasted to have relatively mild temperatures however weather maps are showing that some parts of Scotland will for some wintry showers in the coming few hours, with temperatures plummeting as low as -3C overnight tonight.

This will also be accompanied by morning frost, as well as a “very cloudy and damp” day across much of England and Wales on December 25.

Christmas Day is expected to be a lot milder than usual, with the average December temperature between 7C and 8C, but the top temperature that could be seen this December 25 is 14C.

To put that into perspective, the highest temperature ever recorded on Christmas Day is 15.6C in 1920.

Boxing Day meanwhile is expected to be a lot drier with spells of unexpected sunshine.

It comes as Christmas Eve forecasts predict gusts as high as 70mph throughout Scotland as well as northern and central parts of England.

Meteorologist Ellie Glaisyer said of tomorrow’s weather: “Across Scotland, a band of rain pushes its way northwards, turning wintry over the hills. 

“We could even see up to 10cm of snow, so definitely a white Christmas for Scotland. Temperatures here are closer to average though, and turning a little bit chillier as we head through Christmas Day night.”

She added: “A very cloudy and damp day for much of England and Wales and a very mild day too. Temperatures around 13 or 14C.”

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