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21st Aug 2015

Morgan Schneiderlin’s girlfriend’s job might surprise you…

She wears a United shirt to work though...


Some would have you believe the modern generation of footballers’ partners are all too happy to fit into the WAG stereotype…but not in this case.

Although her fella, Manchester United’s Morgan Schneiderlin, picks up wages around £100,000 a week at his new club, Camille Sold is out earning a crust too.

Family dinner with the woman who share my life for 5 month now ! Je t’aime ❤️

A photo posted by Morgan Schneiderlin (@schneiderlinmo4) on

According to The Sun, Camille is understood to be working in the Adidas store in Manchester city centre – earning £10 an hour.

If you can’t be bothered doing the maths, that means that she’s earning as much in an hour as her husband does every minute of the day. Talk about pay gaps.

She has been seen working in the story wearing a Manchester United shirt complete with her partner’s name and squad number on the back. Nice touch!