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15th Sep 2022

Meghan Markle ‘ready to return to UK’ and ‘feels validated’ by the public’s response in recent days

Steve Hopkins

A Royal expert said Meghan will now feel ‘validated because the British people do like her’

Meghan Markle may finally be ready to consider returning to the UK and will feel “validated” by the warm public reception she has received in the days since the Queen passed away last week.

These included a teenager in the crowds at Windsor castle who gave her a warm hug in an “absolutely beautiful” gesture.

@izzychar97 Meeting Meghan, what a beautiful soul. We love and support you ? #meghanmarkle #meghan #windsor ♬ original sound – Isabelle Charters

Royal expert Neil Sean claimed on the YouTube channel that the public’s response to the Duchess, who has continued to unsettle the royal household since upping sticks with Harry to the US, will have encouraged the 41-year-old to think she could return to the UK “at some point”.

He said Meghan was “ready and willing” to meet the public as the nation mourned the loss of the Queen, despite being “terrified about how the public might perceive her”. He said those fears “were pushed away very quickly”.

Sean went on to say Meghan probably “not feels validated because the British people do like her.”

“You can understand how this could be the case because there she is in a very delicate situation and there’s the crowd happy to see her,” he said.

“For her now, what she really feels is that they are ready and willing to embrace their return at some point back to the UK.

“What happened on Saturday proves she is liked but it’s not just the British public that have to forgive her, it’s senior members of the monarchy.”

During the appearance and visit which lasted more than 40 minutes, the crowd chanted “Hip, hip, hooray” as the Royal group left, The Mirror reported on Thursday

Julie Watson, 56, said it “lovely” to see them all together

Her daughters Skye, 13, and Faye, 10, shook hands with both the newly titled Princess of Wales and Meghan.

Angela Fleming, who met Prince Harry said that the hour-and-a-half wait outside was worth it, describing their appearance as “unexpected”, The Mirror reported on Thursday.

The Mirror reported how the new Princess of Wales reacted to her new title on Friday saying she “appreciates the history associated with this role”.

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan are said to be “Furious” that their children will reportedly not get HRH status from King Charles III, leaving the the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “furious”.

Harry’s dad, who was proclaimed king on Saturday, is said to have agreed to instead bestow the title of prince and princess on his California-based grandkids, Archie, 3, and one-year-old Lilibet, The Sun reported.

His Majesty has reportedly agreed to issue letters patent to confer the titles and is expected to anoint them in the near future.

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