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23rd Aug 2021

Landlord tries to rent out bathroom with a desk in as an ‘office space’

Danny Jones

Landlord rents out bathroom as an office

Landlordism has peaked

Renting is one thing, doing so in a big UK city is another: put the two together and you’ve got a perfect storm of prices that will make you pull your hair out and push how far you’re willing to sacrifice your own basic human needs. Do I need to shower at home? Can I feasibly cook with just a microwave for the foreseeable future? You get the gist.

However, the real stars of the show are the mighty land barons that continue to find even more inventive and downright depressing ways to charge people extra money and squeeze those extra pounds out of their portfolio. That being said, slapping a desk in a room with a toilet and calling it an ‘office’ is just about the baitest thing we’ve seen yet.

The 'compact office space' in Partick, Glasgow

Most surprisingly of all, this isn’t in London, it’s in Partick, Glasgow. The listing posted on Gumtree advertises it as a “small and compact space ideal for solo working.” Yeah, I’d say doing your Zoom calls whilst on the bog and less than a foot away from the tea and coffee station is pretty compact.

“Located on the 1st floor of a tenement building in Partick, the space has its own private entrance. Included is fibre broadband connection, 2 x desks, mini fridge, toilet and sink, underfloor heating, lamps, mains supply, kettle.

Kettle in bathroom 'office'

‘It’s a nice quiet spot and was recently converted’. ‘It’s a small, quiet toilet with a desk and a lamp in it’ — there you go, fixed it. Quite honestly though, we can’t believe how someone has gotten away with this and while we don’t expect anyone is ringing up enquiring, how can Gumtree even justify advertising this.

In case any of you up Glasgow way are looking for a unique, dynamic, affordable workspace, this corridor with a kettle and some ceramic is available from just £50 a week, “8am to 6pm Mon to Fri and would provide keys to longer term renters”.

There’s working from home and then there’s working from ‘the throne’. Don’t all jump at once!

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