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13th Mar 2024

The Unknown from Willy’s Chocolate Experience hired by London Dungeon

Ryan Price

At least one good thing has come out of the disastrous event.

The viral star of the infamous Wonka-inspired Glasgow experience has secured her next job, and it’s a big one!

16-year-old Felicia made headlines for her performance as ‘The Unknown’ in the notorious spectacle that left parents and children outraged last month.

The £35-a-ticket experience was sold as a “chocolate fantasy like never before” where “dreams become reality”, but instead it turned out to be a nightmare for most of the families that attended.

Dressed in a black cape and silver mask, Felicia was the highlight of the social media discourse of the event, with thousands of people sharing a clip of her popping out from behind a mirror and terrifying children.

Now, the Glaswegian teen has announced that the online fame has led to her securing a role as a performer at the historic London Dungeon this Easter.

(Photo by Ollie Millington/Getty Images)

In a video posted to TikTok, Felicia announced that she’ll be making a guest appearance as ‘The Unknown’ in The London Dungeon from April 7th.

She said: “I’m a huge fan of The Dungeons across the UK. I’ve visited many times as a guest, and I can’t quite believe I now get to be the one who’s scaring the public.

“Who would have thought my wild Wonka experience would have led me to this,” he added.


so excited to announce that i will be making a guest appearance as the unknown in @The London Dungeon on april 7th!! 🫶 next video i will be me showing off everything you wonderful people have sent me 🩷 #wonkaexperience #theunknown #willywonka #willywonkaexperience #willywonkatiktok #maskedman #therealunknown #theunknownactor #meme #feliciatheunknown #unknown #intotheunknown #fyp #foryoupage #whoistheunknown #unkowngirl #comedy #londondungeons #london

♬ original sound – fel👻

“I’m hoping my recent scare experience will have set me up well for this role – and I cannot wait to meet and learn from the expert team at the London Dungeon as I’d love to be doing their job full-time one day.

“London here I come.”

Speaking to Independent, a spokesperson for London Dungeon said: “Clearly Felicia is a natural when it comes to the art of the scare.

“It’s an honour to be joined by the acting talent behind the now cult character The Unknown – and we can’t wait to see what she’ll bring to our horribly scary historical figures.”

They added: “If you think the mysterious character of The Unknown was unnerving, you haven’t seen anything yet.

“While we can’t say there will be any mirrors involved in Felicia’s training and guest appearance this Easter, what we can promise is there won’t be an AI script or advert in sight.

“The team can’t wait to welcome her to their ranks.”

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