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23rd Oct 2022

Dogs left on the streets because of Putin’s invasion patiently line up for food in Ukraine

Tobi Akingbade

‘Never seen anything like this’

A lifeline for the homeless dogs of Ukraine has been heaped with praise as pets left on the streets, because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, patiently line up for food being handed out by charity.

Film producer Nate Mook installed a make-shift dog food dispenser in Ukraine.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Mook, who rescues stranded animals as the footage came out of newly liberated Kramatorsk, near fighting in Bakhmut.

The invasion has not been easy for humans and animals alike as daily lives became disrupted as hometowns became frontlines following Putin’s invasion.

Mook said he installed a make-shift dog food dispenser in the eastern city of Kramatorsk.

“Yesterday we installed a displaced pet feeding station in Kramatorsk (with your support!),” he said. ‘This morning, the Ukrainian dogs waited in line to eat.”

The dogs can be seen politely waiting their turn to eat, despite the the trauma they’ve witnessed over the last few months.

“No pushing and crowding. No fighting. Everyone just waiting politely their turn,” observed one social media user.

Dogs weren’t the only animals to take advantage of the feeder, with local cats also dropping in for a free meal.

Mook has also spent his time rescuing kittens from the Ukrainian frontline, helping the furry pets reach safety.

But Mook doesn’t limit his kindness to household pets. He’s also been snapped building a shelter for wild racoons in the war-torn country.

“We’ve seen a huge need for support for the animals,'” Mook told The Dodo. “Dogs and cats who used to have homes.”

Mook recently helped deliver 500 pounds of donated food to a pet sanctuary in Sviatohirsk.

He has set up a PayPal link to help house animals affected by the war in Ukraine, in case you feel emotional reading this.

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