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31st May 2022

Deliveroo to deliver new JD Sports trainers to your door in under two hours

Kieran Galpin

Order kicks with your KFC

JD Sports and Deliveroo have teamed up so that the food delivery service can deliver fresh kicks straight to your house within just two hours.

Just when you thought fast fashion couldn’t get faster, JD Sports and Deliveroo have arrived to make your life just a little bit more convenient. The collaboration is currently being trialed in select JD Sports stores across the UK where they promise to get your trainers to you in just 120 minutes – for a reasonable delivery fee of £14.99, of course.

“The prospect of a partnership is exciting but any future decisions will be subject to further testing,” a JD Sports representative told The Sun.

While there are currently no stellar customer reviews, there are also no scathing ones which must be a good sign. Tech founder Luke Massie did speak on overhearing staff being trained.

He tweeted: “I was just in @JDSports and the young lad behind the counter apologised for my delay being served and said the reason was, staff are being trained on handling @Deliveroo orders. You’ll soon be able to order clothes from deliveroo in >2hrs.”

Twitter seems fairly unified on this occasion, as most people acknowledge how bonkers it is while also admitting they would use it.

“£15 is ideal if I need them that day or first thing the next morning definitely. I wouldn’t use it for every delivery but it’s definitely a brilliant option,” one user wrote.

But not everyone is sold.

“Nah I don’t think I would. Most sites now do a delivery pass for £10 for a year of next-day delivery! I think I’d rather pay the £10 and have next day delivery for a year tbh,” another user explained.

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