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02nd Mar 2024

Sam Smith accused of ‘mocking Scottish culture’ at Paris Fashion Week

Joseph Loftus

Some people aren’t happy.

Sam Smith has hit the walkway at Paris Fashion Week and naturally, they’ve caused quite the sit.

Dressed in tartan underwear, knee high striped sorks, and tartan heels, the singer showed off their thigh tattoos as they went bare legged for the Vivienne Westwood show.

Clutching a wooden stick, the Unholy singer has now found themselves involved in a culture row with some taking to X to accuse Smith of making a mockery of Scottish history.

The controversial singer completed the look with a tartan head scarf, matching the pattern of their underwear, which extended into a black scarf covering half their face. 

Taking to X, one person wrote: “The 31-year-old singer in wardrobe like is mocking Scottish folk in the Vivienne Westwood Womenswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 Fashion Show on Saturday (March 2).”

Another quipped: “Sam Smith makes a mockery of Scotland.”

A third wrote: “Please enjoy this video of Sam Smith, walking in a fashion show, looking like they just tumbled out of a tartan Lord of the Rings movie.”

Another wrote: “Hang on, they were born in London. Isn’t this cultural appropriation?”

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