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13th Sep 2023

Imposter does catwalk in trash bag at New York Fashion Week and no one notices until security intervene

Steve Hopkins

Very derelicte!

A prankster stole the show at New York Fashion Week – strutting the catwalk in a trash bag in a parody that largely went unnoticed until security caught up with him.

The catwalk – hosted by social media agency Creators Inc – was open and a show underway, when a man, wearing a shower cap, swimming shorts and a plastic cape

New York Fashion Week is now well underway, but one outfit in particular has caught everyone’s attention, though maybe not for the right reasons. The catwalk – hosted by social media agency Creators Inc. – was open and models were strutting their stuff up and down it.

Then one person entered the runway in New York, wearing a shower cap, swimming shorts, and a plastic poncho – seemingly fashioned out of a bag of some sort – decided to take a stroll in front of the fashionistas.

And no one thought anything of it with the crowd cheering and enjoying the show.

Nothing seemed amiss until a security guard appeared behind the intruder and bear-hugged him off the runway.

Video of the incident has clocked up millions of views, Reuters noted.

Commenters on the video suggested the intruder had made a “mockery of the show” and were amused that the “crowd fell for it.”

One person joked, “That is not garbage but garbagé” while another added that runway outfits “get trashier each year.”

Reuters has since reported that the prankster has been identified as internet personalist Fred Beyer who has over 65,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 300,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Beyer, the agency noted, is known for sharing prank videos on his YouTube channel.

He posted a story on his Instagram with the caption “Incoming Danger” as he teased about the ramp video that he will soon release on YouTube.

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