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04th Nov 2023

Levis CEO has warned people about washing their jeans

Callum Boyle

washing jeans

He even admitted that he hasn’t washed his favourite pair for 10 years

The Levis CEO has issued a warning to people who put their jeans in the washing machine.

Charles ‘Chip’ Bergh has been a strong advocate for never washing jeans and has even admitted to not putting his favourite pair of jeans through the wash in the 10 years he’s owned them.

Bergh claimed that “true denim heads” know not to wash their jeans.

During a recent interview with CNBC, the CEO clarified his point, explaining that he was against the use of washing machines as oppose to the art of washing itself.

“I never said don’t wash your jeans,” he said.

“True denim heads, people that really love their denim, will tell you to never put your denim into a washing machine. So that’s what I do.

“If I drop some curry on my jeans, I’m gonna clean it. But I’ll spot clean it. And if they get really gross you know, if I’ve been out sweating or something and they get really gross, I’ll wash them in the shower.”

washing jeans

When it comes to washing them in the shower, that quite literally means standing in your jeans and washing them off that way.

Meanwhile, eco-friendly cleaning brand Branch Basics have suggested an alternative method.

Kelly Love, who works for them, recommends putting your jeans out in the sun for a few days as the heat, light and air will apparently break down microbes and clean them up a bit.

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