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30th Jun 2023

Online retailer ridiculed by shoppers after launching denim hot pants for men

Steve Hopkins

‘It’s just too much’

Having outraging social media last month with denim shorts that better resembled a thong, Chinese fast fashion retailer, Shein, has released a pair for men – and people can’t quite believe it.

The tiny pair of “Daisy Dudes” as on person called them – officially known as the Manfinity Fever City Men Cotton Raw Trim Denim Shorts – sell for £10.49.

The shorts are cut raw, and high on the thigh, much like a speedo, revealing a lot of leg for those bold enough to give them a wirl.

A description of the shorts describes them as having an “ultra-low waist” so the wearer can also show off a little midriff.

On the Shein website, the shorts have an average rating of 4.82 stars out of five, with just 2 per cent of users saying they were “small”.

Eighty-eight said they were true to size, while 10 per cent said they were large.

The shorts had 50 reviews, with many favourable. One person said they were, “Very nice and sexy. Love them.” Another added that they were “well constructed” and of “nice quality” and were “exactly as described”.

On social media, however, people are a little taken back.

“It’s just too much,” one person wrote, another added: “Any man with pride wouldn’t wear them.”

While another suggested it was time we “exploited the boys”.

Less favourable reviews included someone branding them “disgusting” and others suggested their manhood could go walkabout.

In May, Shein made headlines with their ‘Low Rise Booty Denim Shorts’, which retailed at £9.49.

Commenters largely concluded the shorts were a thong and were equal parts amused and confused, Wales Online reported.

On Facebook, Danielle C Butler uploaded a screenshot of the shorts, writing: “Why they playing with people this is a denim thong not shorts.”

One user, Claire, replied: “That [got to] be so uncomfortable and not healthy at all lmao,” while Donald joked: “And low rise… lol.”

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