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27th Apr 2022

McDonald’s new UK menu revealed – six items added from today

Danny Jones

McDonald's new UK menu

*Drops laptop and runs to nearest Maccies*

Stop what you’re doing: McDonald‘s new UK menu officially dropped today and now we’re utterly starving.

We already reported on a fan favourite menu option returning as part of the springtime refresh – but it isn’t the only long-awaited selection among Maccies’ latest offerings, with many items previously launched for a limited time in 2021 making a much-needed comeback.

Enough messing about – let’s get into it, shall we?

McDonald’s new UK menu additions

Of course, where else to start than the McSpicy – which devout followers of the famous golden arches have been clambering for ever since it first launched in July 2021.

This spicier take on the tried and true chicken burger format will cost you £4.29 or £5.79 if you decide to push for a medium meal. It isn’t the only burger bursting back onto the menu either…

Yes, the Grand Big Mac is also back, meaning you can enjoy larger patties and double the amount of this classic fast-food staple on those late-night walks home from the pub.

Fans have been making their feelings pretty clear ever since it disappeared – you’d think they would have learned from the Chicken Big Mac’s premature exit.

The people have spoken and they have been heard.

With bacon available as an extra topping, this bad boy will run you anywhere from £4.79 to £6.69, depending on if you want the full works or to enjoy it as part of a meal. Wait, there’s more…

Here is the full list of the new items you can grab from today (April 27) all the way up until June 7:

  • McSpicy – £4.29 or £5.79 for medium meal
  • Grand Big Mac – £4.79 or £6.29 for medium meal
  • Grand Big Mac with Bacon – £5.29 or £6.69 for medium meal
  • Cheesy Garlic Bites – £1.99
  • Flake Raspberry – 99p for mini or £1.39 for regular
  • Flake Chocolate McFlurry – 99p for mini or £1.39 for regular

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