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14th Sep 2021

Cara Delevingne causes a stir with ‘peg the patriarchy’ vest at Met Gala

Kieran Galpin

cara delevingne

The outfit is just like marmite, apparently

The internet is divided about Cara Delevingne’s outfit choice at the 2021 Met Gala after she chose to wear a vest that read ‘Peg the Patriarchy’ across the front.

The supermodel and actress appeared at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday for the annual Met Gala, widely considered the most A-list event in the world.

Wearing an outfit designed by Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri, the 29-year-old model certainly made an impression. Clad in white cigarette trousers and a vest reminiscent of body armour, the only detailing on the look was the phrase ‘peg the patriarchy’ written in red across the vest.

“If anyone doesn’t know what this word is, you’re going to have to look it up because I’m not going to explain it,” she told Keke Palmer regarding the word ‘peg’.

To be blunt, pegging is the sexual act of usually a cis-woman strapping a sex toy to herself to pleasure a man anally.

She added: “You know, it’s a bit like, ‘stick it to the man’, if anyone wants to look up the word.”

The internet is fairly divided on the outfit choice.

“aoc and cara delevigne ending capitalism and misogyny! we love their girl boss serves,” wrote one fan.

“cara delevigne, my dearest, please, i thought i’d finally seen the last of the pegging discourse, i haven’t the strength for more,” wrote another.

The term ‘peg the patriarchy’ was allegedly coined in 2015 by sex educator Luna Matatas. Per her website, her intention with the slogan was to “get provocative about subverting the system of patriarchy.”

“God cara delevigne has so much potential and does this shit,” another Twitter user wrote about the outfit.

“I’m extra annoyed at the text on cara delevigne’s outfit actually because turning up to a met gala with the theme of american fashion in a bulletproof vest is already a powerful statement on its own so why did she need to make it tacky??” says one Twitter user, who makes a valid point.

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