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14th Sep 2021

Here’s why Elliot Page wore a green flower on his Met Gala suit

Charlie Herbert

Elliot Page wearing green flower on Met Gala suit

The reference dates all the way back to Oscar Wilde

Elliot Page gave a subtle nod to the queer community as he made his Met Gala debut on Monday.

In the midst of the usual bizarre and out-there outfits that the Met Gala has become famous for, Page wore a simple but sharp black Balenciaga suit and black sneakers.

However on the lapel he added a splash of colour with a simple green rose. Not only did this add to the look, but it was also a symbol of special significance to the queer community.

According to Affinity magazine, the green flower is a long-standing queer symbol which dates back to the 19th century and Oscar Wilde.

In 1892, the Irish poet and playwright asked friends attending the opening night of one of his shows to wear green flowers on their lapels, resulting in a green carnation becoming a symbol for queer men to identify themselves with during a time when homosexuality was illegal.

Wilde himself was famously imprisoned for gross indecency with a number of men, but said that the flower meant “nothing.”

The symbol then took on added significance in 1894 when a book based on Wilde’s life called The Green Carnation was published. It caused scandal and was later withdrawn from publication by its author who feared the book had helped contribute to Wilde’s imprisonment in 1895.

Page did not comment on the fashion choice, but many noticed the reference and praised him for it.

One person tweeted: “The only plain black tux I will praise with the Oscar Wilde inspired green flower.”

The Met Gala marked Page’s first major public appearance since he came out as transgender in December last year.

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