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11th Apr 2017

A study suggested that using a microwave makes better tea and people are not having it

Heresy. HERESY!

Rich Cooper

Is nothing sacred anymore? Is nothing sacred?

Apparently not even tea is sacred now. The only good thing left about Britain is under attack from Down Under. They want to destroy our way of life by suggesting that the best way to make tea is in the microwave.

A scientist, Dr Quan Vuong of the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, published a study in 2012 that suggested that microwaving tea after adding the hot water produced a ‘healthier’ and tastier cup of tea.

The research has attracted a great deal of attention recently, in part following an episode of Broadchurch where David Tennant microwaves his cuppa, which in turn has lead to more attention following an article published on Australia’s ABC News.

Naturally, this has prompted a mixed response from the tea-drinking community.

Some were actually in favour of the unorthodox method.

But many more were absolutely not in favour.

There’s only one way to find out for sure, and that’s to make a cup in the microwave yourself. This will result in your arrest and execution, however, so it’s a question of whether you think it’s worth the risk.