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21st Apr 2017

A British pub chain has banned swearing in its f**king boozers

You're fudging barred, mate

Rich Cooper

“You watch your mouth, son, because if you keep talking like that you’re gonna be out on your… bottom.”

A British pub chain has reportedly banned swearing in its pubs.

Sam Smith’s, the independent brewery that runs a string of around 200 pubs, is said to have instructed landlords to ban profanity in their establishments and refuse to serve customers that can’t keep a clean mouth.

The Teeside Gazette first reported that Sam Smith’s pubs had implemented the nationwide-ban. An unnamed pub managed told the paper: “It’s the owner of the brewery’s decision, it’s all started from the brewery – all we can do is try our best.”

The paper also reported that signs had been put up in the pubs making the new policy clear.

“We wish to inform all of our customers that we have introduced a zero tolerance policy against swearing in all of our pubs,” they read.

“Please kindly respect this policy.”

Further to this, some of the pubs have displayed an internal memo clarifying the new policy:

“Please note that with immediate effect, the company is introducing a zero tolerance policy against swearing in all of its pubs.

“As manager(s) of our pubs, you are responsible for ensuring that they are run in a proper and orderly manner and this includes preventing the use of bad language.

“If customers, and staff alike, swear on the premises then you must ask them to refrain from using bad language.”

The Gazette asked the Sam Smiths pub manager if swearing customers could end up with a ban from the pub. They said: “We’ve been told to refuse service to people using bad language, so basically, yes.”

So there you have it, if you’re going for a Taddy Lager and the head is a little too large, try your best to refrain from asking “What the fuck is this shit?”