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29th Apr 2015

Video: There are some great retro games nominated for the Video Game Hall of Fame


Here at JOE we treat our NES, Megadrive and Playstations like family because they’re important figures in our life.

Of course, they frequently make us angry but at the same time they’ve always been there for us when it mattered.


While newly released games on the PS4 and Xbox One offer incredible graphics and realism, we’re still guilty of misty-eyed nostalgia over the titles we played back in the day.

So, when we read that the new World Video Game Hall of Fame has announced the 15 finalists for its inaugural induction, it brought back fond memories.

The Legend of Zelda, Pong, Tetris, Oregon Trail, Pac-Man, Pokémon, The Sims, Doom, Space Invaders, Angry Birds, Minecraft and World of Warcraft are all good but they pale in comparison to these titles…

Super Mario Bros

Clip via – Nintendo News

FIFA International Soccer

Clip via – Espaciodejuegos

Sonic the Hedgehog

Clip via – ThatRetroGamerDude

Did they leave any classics out? Let us know.


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