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12th Aug 2015

This magic chat-up line guarantees success on Tinder

Give this a go.


Okay, so you need a date.

By now you’ve surely read the 6 Scientific Ways To Improve Your Chances On Tinder, but you could still do with a bit more assistance.

It can be scary trying to start a conversation with a match because you know that you need to impress them right off the bat.

Don’t worry, help is at hand with this chat-up line that seemingly guarantees a reply.

This investigation by Gawker tells the intriguing tale of the magical line – or as Brian Fantana famously said: “They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.”

paul rudd animated GIF

Basically, these three special words are the Black Panther of the Tinder generation.

It sounds really simple, and that’s because it is. No need to get too clever with things, they’re not looking for you to spill out a novel as a conversation starter.

Repeat after me: “There. She. Is.”

Tinder charm

The chat-up line, which definitely has a hint of charm, is said to be college gold in the US and has been in use since the early days of Tinder back in 2012.

We don’t see why it wouldn’t translate to this side of the pond too.

Just look at some of these hits posted by Gawker…


The Only Tinder Opening Line You Need

Try out this bad boy and let us know how you get on – it’s definitely better than your standard ‘hello’.

Once you’re talking though, the rest is up to you, we’re afraid.