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25th Aug 2015

This is how many texts it takes to get a twenty-something into bed…

Zero to sex how quick?

Tom Victor

The younger generation is no longer beating around the bush when it comes to sex, according to new research.

Sexting is getting far more direct and to-the-point as dating apps like Tinder rise in popularity, with some twenty-somethings confessing it can takes them less than 10 text messages from the start of a conversation to organise a hook-up.

And we’ve reached the stage where, according to Statistic Brain, more than half of all adults aged 20-26 have sent or received a sext.

“The younger the dater is, I’ve found the shorter the number of messages get exchanged prior to arranging a date or hookup,” clinical psychologist Dr Belisa Vranich told Mashable.

With the holy grail of chat-up lines recently being revealed, is it any surprise?