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25th Mar 2015

This American fugitive was busted hiding in a cupboard thanks to Snapchat


Ben Kenyon

It’s fair to say that criminals are often not the smartest guys in the room.

But this American fugitive probably wasn’t even the smartest guy in the cupboard he was hiding in.

Christopher Wallace was wanted in connection with a burglary but gave police the slip…until he posted on Snapchat about it.

The Somerset County Sheriff’s Office in Maine got wind of the social media post which pinpointed his location at his home…and paid him a little visit.

When they rocked up at his address they presumably found him giggling away on his phone before slapping the cuffs on him.

Napoleon Dynamite shakes head

The Somerset County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook: ‘Mr Wallace had become cocky. Which led to his downfall.

‘Using the Snapchat app, Wallace posted that he was at his house in Fairfield, which prompted people to call the Sheriff’s Office.’

Maybe use Twitter next time, eh?

(H/T Somerset County Sheriffs Office)