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28th Jun 2022

Woman sells pics of her thumbs on OnlyFans for £4,000

Kieran Galpin

The medical term is distal hyperextensibility

A former nurse with super bendy thumbs has revealed how she turned her embarrassment into a flourishing OnlyFans business that saw one man pay £4,074 for images of said digits.

Allie Rae moved away from nursing in September 2020, swapping out her scrubs for a ring light to make content for OnlyFans. While the 39-year-old’s account took off after posting videos with her husband, she told The Mirror about a unique niche that has helped her earn big bucks.

A customer slid into Rae’s DM’s after seeing her “flexible” and “super bendy” thumbs on Instagram stories and TikTok. The man said he had a “fetish” and that her thumbs were “very rare.”

One man paid a staggering £4,074 for thumb snaps, while another paid £6,326 ($8,000). Over the last month alone, she claims to have made around £10,000 ($13,000).

Sometimes referred to as “hitchhikers thumb”, distal hyperextensibility is described as a “Z-shaped deformity of the thumb” that “bends backwards beyond the typical range.” The condition is inherited but has not been explored extensively by the scientific community.

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“[They typically like] anything that looks natural. At first, I thought they wanted me to pose them sexually, like nude or on my boobs, but they were quick to say, ‘no, just on the steering wheel is fine’,” she explained, adding that another popular choice is holding a cup.

“I was like ‘okay no problem!’ Honestly, no one has asked me to do anything odd or strange with them, they just wanna see them.”

Speaking to Dr Phil earlier this year on his famed show of the same name, Rae said that the move from nursing to OnlyFans has enabled her family to pay off student loans, credit card debts and create college funds for their kids.

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