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02nd Jun 2023

British guy lets girlfriend sleep with other men while he’s at work

‘I was quite happy to find someone who wasn’t going to cheat behind my back’

A British man has told how he suggested his partner sleep with other men while he was at work – and how she took him up on the offer.

Matt had been cheated on before, so was “happy to find someone who wasn’t going to cheat behind my back”.

The 36-year-old and his partner, Zoe, 31, had only been dating a few months when he made the suggestion.

And rather than leading to a fight, Matt says it had made the couple more trusting.

Appearing on the YouTube series Love Don’t Judge, Matt told how he floated the idea to his partner.

Speaking to Zoe in the clip, he said: “When you agreed to it, I was happy with it, because I’ve spoken to you previously – I’d been cheated on [before], so I was quite happy to find someone who wasn’t going to cheat behind my back.”

With Matt’s blessing, when he left for work, Zoe went out and met other men for sex.

Matt didn’t think he was missing out though, as Zoe was good enough to record her sessions.

“You’d send me pictures, videos,” Matt recalls in the YouTube clip.

“I ended up being involved in it [virtually]… It was like my own amateur porn.”

The X-rated fun ended up prompting Zoe to change careers. She now has an OnlyFans account where people pay to see her content.

While admitting that at times he had got jealous, Matt says it’s a “nice feeling”.

“I wouldn’t say I’d never be jealous,” he said, before adding that it is “quite a nice feeling, even though it’s jealousy.”

Matt continued: “Because at the end of the day you know you’re included, and you know you’re coming home to me.”

Zoe repaid Matt’s faith in her sanctioned infidelity, by saying he should hook up with other women too.

While initially hesitate because, “I never wanted to sleep with anyone else”, he did it for Zoe.

He tells Zoe in the clip: “You wanted to see me do it.”

The pair now visit swinging clubs where they can both have sex with other people in the same venue.

Zoe says while the no-strings fun might not be for everyone, it works for them: “Many people think it’s a form of cheating but it’s not because I don’t do anything behind [Matt’s] back.”

Matt added that the couple “hide nothing from each other – at all – because there’s no need.”

“Like I say, there’s more trust in this relationship than I’ve had with all the others.”

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