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07th Feb 2024

‘Two days after joining OnlyFans, I had made more than the entire yearly salary of my old job’

Charlie Herbert

Last year she made 400 times her old salary

A woman has revealed it took her just two days to earn as much on OnlyFans as she did in a year in her old job.

Isla Moon decided to join the subscription-based platform to help make ends meet whilst she was at university studying psychology and neuroscience.

At the time, she had $10,000 of student debt, so worked a job as a part-time lab coordinator and research assistant but this didn’t pay particularly well and she needed some extra income.

So, she decided to start making content for OnlyFans and “give it a try.”

She told Business Insider: “I saw that a lot of the models were the typical model that you see on Instagram, and I’m not necessarily that kind of body type. I wanted to prove to myself that I could have success.”

And when a TikTok video to promote her page went viral, she managed to make about $11,000 in just two days, the equivalent of her yearly salary as a lab tech.

At the same time, she was offered a place on a Ph.D. program in a lab she liked. But after seeing how much she could make from adult content, Isla ditched her plans for postgraduate study and decided to try and make a full time career out of OnlyFans.

She said: “It was so hard to decide. I remember I called my mom and I told her, ‘Hi, by the way, I do OnlyFans, what do you think?’ She took it so well and was just so supportive.

“I told myself, ‘you know what? I made my year salary in two days.’ Worst case, I apply again next year if things don’t work out with OnlyFans. But they worked out too well. I never looked back.”

Last year, Isla made almost $5m across two profiles on OnlyFans. After the platform took their 20 per cent cut, she came away with just over $4m.

She’s managed to rack up more than 265,000 subscribers on OnlyFans, as well as millions more across TikTok and Instagram.

She said she enjoys the freedom her work gives her, explaining that it allows her to pursue her passions of travelling and spending time in nature.

Although she admits she is having to work more than when she was in academia, the advantages of being self-employed outweigh this.

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