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26th Jul 2022

Naked couple filmed having rooftop sex during record heatwave

Kieran Galpin

Naked couple filmed having rooftop sex during record heatwave

And not a bottle of water in sight

As the UK battled its hottest day in recorded history, two Brits took the opportunity and had sex on the roof of a parking complex.

July 19 saw enormous temperatures and a red weather warning blanketing most of the UK. But while most of us were hugging our fans and doing what Brits do best, complain, two unidentified lovers made use of the blistering sun.

A worker in a nearby office building recorded the couple from a distance as they had sex on a roof in Birmingham. They then posted the video on Twitter, which naturally accumulated 100,000 views.

The eight-second clip shows the couple having sex in the doggy-style position, completely naked. Don’t worry, though; the man was wearing a hat for protection, like an actual hat on your head.

The sexy-spot was not hidden in the slightest, leading many to believe that the couple wanted to be seen. Such sexual acts are typically referred to as voyeurism.

On Twitter, many are sharing their thoughts surrounding the viral video. Most people are struggling to understand why.

“Hope they have sun cream on,” one said, with another adding: “They literally took ‘It’s getting hot in here’ to the next level.”

Another added: “They are seriously having sex when the sun is at its highest point,”

“You have to be dangerously horny to be beating on concrete when it’s 38°c outside,” another said, which is a fair point given most Brits were frying eggs on the ground.

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