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20th Apr 2024

American living in the UK lists everything that Brits ‘do wrong’

Ryan Price

‘I’m ready to fight some people.’

An American TikTok influencer who currently lives in Wales has racked up nearly a million views on a clip where she lists all of the things she thinks Brits do wrong.

Haley Horton has over 27,000 followers on the app, and a recurring theme in her videos seems to be drawing comparisons between the US and UK.

The 26-year-old is originally from Boston but moved to Wales when she was 15, before going to university in York and completing her master’s degree in Bristol.

One tongue-in-cheek clip, which is titled ‘Things that I think the UK does wrong’, has received almost 4,000 comments.

Unfortunately, the video has since been taken down, but we’ve attached another clip titled ‘Things that annoy me as an American in the UK’ just to give you a taste of the content.

@haley.horton things that annoy me as an american in the uk idk #americanintheuk #ukvsus ♬ original sound – HALEY

Haley opens the viral clip by saying: “I’m ready to fight some people. Here are some things that I think the UK just does wrong.”

She continues: “If you don’t already know me, my name is Haley and I’m an American that’s lived in the UK for the past seven years.

“Sometimes I make content about that and usually it’s pretty upbeat towards the UK, but today I’ve decided I’m gonna start some fights.

“I’m gonna tell you about things I actually think you guys don’t do very well.”

First up, Haley calls out people who take slices of cake home from children’s birthday parties.

She says: “The fact that when you go to a kid’s birthday party, you don’t eat the cake at the birthday party.

“You take it home as, like, a goodie bag. No – cakes and party favours are two separate things.

“Don’t combine them. I wanna eat cake at the party.”

A Brit in the comments section argued: “Cupcakes to be eaten at party. Slice of birthday cake to be put in the party bag for later, two cakes in one day! We are clearly geniuses!”

Next in the firing line for Haley is British salads. She claims that America has much more variety: “You guys, you know, you’re getting better but you can’t find such a good salad in so many parts of this country.

“And I know what you’re gonna say. You’re gonna go for the joke about the obese Americans. 

“Totally valid. But, we still just have better salads and more variety.”

One person commented: “Hint: make your own salad with the amazing fresh produce we have on offer rather than ready packed and labelled gunk.”

Another threw a curveball in the mix: “Yeah, but when it comes to salad, UK coleslaw is way better than American coleslaw!”

If we had to ask you to guess Haley’s third point, we think it would take you about a year to get the correct answer.

The content creator claims Brits don’t use the right word for a ‘daddy long legs’ – the colloquial name for a flying insect from the pholcidae family.

While admitting it was a random one, she said: “This is so random, but a hill I’m willing to die on is the fact that the daddy long legs insect is not what you guys call daddy long legs.

“Those are crane flies. I don’t know why I’m like, for some reason mad about that. 

“Daddy long legs are the ones that look like spiders, but they’re skinny. They don’t fly.”

Most people were simply confused by this one in the comments section, but one Scottish person added: “I’m from Scotland and most people I know call them Jenny long legs.” Who knew?

 Last, but not least, and perhaps the only one we can truly get on board with, is the lack of plug sockets in bathrooms.

Safety hazard or not, having a socket in a bathroom is common practice across the States.

Haley said: “And finally, just the lack of plugs in the bathrooms. I understand why, you don’t want that getting wet, but still.

“What if I wanna do my hair in the bathroom one day? I can’t.”

One puzzled viewer penned: ‘The bathroom one makes no sense though. Why would you need to do your hair in the bathroom?’

An American follower replied: That is where we get ready. brush. your teeth, blow dry hair, makeup, deodorant, etc. all in the bathroom. Where do y’all [sic] do that stuff?”

A debate for the ages for sure.

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