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20th May 2022

Woman reveals cruel reason date dumped her after they had sex for the first time

Charlie Herbert

Woman reveals cruel reason date dumped her after they had sex for the first time

‘You’re sexy and funny but…’

A woman has shared the dreadful reason a guy gave her for not wanting to see her anymore after they slept together for the first time.

The unnamed woman took to TikTok to share how she was body shamed by the guy she had been seeing.

In a series of texts, he told her: “Hey, this isn’t going to work.”

He then explained that despite her being “sexy and funny,” there was one thing he just couldn’t get past.

“Seeing your hairy armpits is a no-go, it’s just my preference,” he said.

She responds with the very sound logic: “So you having armpits is fine, but not me, a woman who also grows hair there?”

“It’s just my preference,” he bluntly replies.

Her response?

“But you have a d**k shaped like a croissant isn’t my preference, but I understand that it’s not something you can help. So here we are.”

Boom, roasted.

The TikTok received more than 100,000 likes and been so far been viewed almost 750,000 times.

@cauliflowerslut ? #whydomen #datingappfail #tinder #fail #trending ♬ Miami, My Amy – Keith Whitley

In a follow up video, she posted his response to this. He clearly didn’t take too kindly to her message, simply calling her a “b**ch.”

@cauliflowerslut Reply to @whippedqueen he blocked me after this lol #tinder #datingappfails #dating #tinderfails #trending #fyp #storytime ♬ Miami, My Amy – Keith Whitley

Many took to the comments to stand up for her, and agreed that the guy was being sexist

“The point is that his preference is rooted in sexism,” one person wrote.

A second commented: “Dodged a bullet, girl, that’s middle school energy.”

And a third said that he was “absolutely looking for an excuse to break up,” adding that it is “such a small thing to leave someone over.”

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