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13th Jul 2022

Male Naked Attraction contestants forced to ‘fluff’ up their manhood in the cold green room before show

Charlie Herbert

Naked attraction contestants have to fluff up manhood

Pre-match conditions are sometimes not ideal it would seem

Male Naked Attraction contestants apparently have to do a little bit of pre-show prep in order to make themselves that bit more… endearing.

You know how the show works: six people stand naked in pods as they are slowly revealed to one contestant who picks a date based mainly on their naked body. It’s classic family fun.

But it seems like sometimes the conditions are not ideal for this, with the green room apparently getting pretty chilly.

So, naturally, some of the contestants do what they can to try and counteract the obvious impact this could have on their chances of bagging a date.

An insider told the Sun: “The whole point of Naked Attraction is that your body is the thing that attracts a potential partner.

“So the men have had to give themselves a little ‘fluff’ while they’re in the cold room just so they’re as enhanced as they can be without being entirely indecent.

“Though obviously this somewhat desperate measure has raised a few eyebrows among crew when they’ve seen it in action.”

However, bosses of the show are adamant that the green room is kept at an “optimum” temperature of 21C.

The unique dating show will be celebrating six years on our screens later this month, and has given viewers a plethora of memorable moments over its quite frankly revolutionary run.

A cultural pillar of British television now, it’s safe to say that even six years on, there is nothing quite like it on the box.

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